What’s this about?

After three years in trendy New Westminster and seven years in self-proclaimed beautiful Vancouver, Canada, a new job has prompted Keith MacKenzie, his wife and baby boy to pull their lives up by the roots and transplant themselves just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, on the east coast of the United States. Couldn’t have chosen a more different or more interesting place to live, and hence, this blog.

The name of this blog is a play on the ubiquitous physics equation of Mass = Volume X Density. In a roundabout way, it would mean that living in Massachusetts is an expansive experience for this dear Canadian family.

Keith has been writing since childhood, which would be more than 30 years. He has penned numerous short stories and three novels. He has tried swimming, skating, judo, karate, long-distance running, video games, kayaking, sleeping, eating, cooking, historical revisionism, DIY, drinking, coffee kiosk proprietorship, United Nations communications, formal education, newspaper editing and layout, jazz festival volunteering and meditation. Among other things. Writing, however, is the one constant activity in his life.

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