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Many years ago, my buddy and I jumped into my Volkswagen Westfalia and headed south from Vancouver, Canada. We were bound for Mexico – we only made it as far as New Mexico, but that’s another story – and experienced one of the most hair-raising drives I’ve ever had on the way there. In Salt Lake City, Utah, no less.



Miss the rain? No effin’ way. But there’s something about it…

Now that we’ve been in Massachusetts for more than five monthS, I find myself distanced enough from Vancouver to now contemplate what I might miss about that place, in direct relation to life in Woburn, Massachusetts.

So without further ado, I present the top five things I miss about Vancouver:


Korean War veteran Paul Cunniff and his wife stand in front of the new war memorial in Woburn, Massachusetts, November 12, 2012. (KEITH MACKENZIE PHOTO)

Yesterday, on an unseasonably warm day in Massachusetts, I went to check out the brand-new war memorial in Woburn centre that had been unveiled on Remembrance Day – or Veteran’s Day as they call it here – and had a great conversation with an elderly couple there.


A DPW horse was knocked over by wind at the Woburn Police Station during Hurricane Sandy. (DANIELLE MASTERSON, WOBURN PATCH)

In one of my favourite movies, L.A. Story, Steve Martin’s weatherman character Harris Telemacher goes on a date with a very young, pre-Sex and the City Sarah Jessica Parker.