Touchdown in Woburn, Massachusetts

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

And so it begins. I, my wife, and our baby boy touched down on the Logan Airport tarmac around 6:30 pm on Sunday Boston time, and immediately jumped in a cab and ordered him to take us all the way to Woburn, Massachusetts.

Woburn? It’s a town that was founded in 1640 – yes, four hundred and seventy-two years ago – and now is a nice little place surrounded by highways and other nice little places about 20 minutes north of Boston on the highway.

I want to tell you my very first impressions before I really get down to what’s business:

1) The accents. Yes, “I don’t have a cah seat”, not “I don’t have a car seat”. That’s all real. The ah-cents. But do not – DO NOT – make fun of this, from what I understand. People in Bah-stan will not take kindly to you if you do. So let’s just keep this between us, shall we?

2) The friendliness. People who know me know me as someone who likes to start conversations on the street with random people – much to the amusement of my wife. But in Vancouver, this generally means that people see me as a weirdo. After all, why am I trying to talk to strangers? Oh, I must be a methhead or a junkie looking for change, or just someone starting a chess match with just 14 pieces on the table. But in Woburn, Winchester, or northern Boston? People talk all the time. Super easy to talk. The other day in Winchester, outside the Starbucks (Stahbucks?), we just sat down for a coffee outdoors and suddenly, we’re talking with four different people. None of whom we started talking with – they started talking with us.

3) The oldness. Yes, old, old houses. Big-ass houses. Built in the mid-1800s. Lots of old brick buildings, old churches, old schools. No unsightly towers of glass like we are used to in Yaletown. Just old red brick. Quite nice. A bit of Englishness to it all, but again, don’t tell people I said that. The revolution started in these parts (pahts?) after all.

4) The Brazilianess. I’ll get into it more in a new post, but there is a pretty sizeable Brazilian presence here. I’ve already seen about 3-4 serious Brazilian restaurants just in Woburn.

What else? Well, let’s just let this be the introduction. We three shall be here for a few years, so plenty of time to get things started. So let’s begin…

  1. Yes, Americans are very friendly! It doesn’t surprise me that they started to chat you up.

    I have an American friend who moved to the Lower Mainland. She eventually bought a house in Burnaby. She said it was very surprising that, after she moved in, none of the neighbours came by to say hello. In the states, everyone from the black would have come by.

  2. err, “everyone from the block” I meant. Where’s the WP spellchecker?!

  3. Mary MacKenzie says:

    Way to go! We are looking forward to finding out all aboot (!) your adventures! Don’t forget to post some photos if you can. So much fun!! Love to you all. Mary and Hugh

  4. Paula says:

    Hi… It’s really nice to read about your first impressions. I’m excited to visit you guys soon, when you are settle. 😀

  5. Rob says:

    Are you on vacation or have you moved to the east coast?

  6. Joan MacKenzie says:

    So, I’m late to find out how this works…but I like your stories. Sounds like a good landing.

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